Vive la France: Women's Role in the French Resistance

Women’s Unrecognized Role in the French Resistance

Under the grip of Nazi Germany, Vichy France collaborated with their Fascist allies, and with this collaboration, an extensive underground resistance was born. A signifigant part of the resistance was the women who fought alongside men against Vichy France. This begs the question:

To what extent was the contribution of women in the French Resistance recognized by society after the war? 

Unfortunately, Despite having taken an equally important role in the French resistance alongside their male counterparts, after the war, most former female French resisters reverted back to their traditional roles and did not receive recognition for their services until years later. 

To show the scope the involvment resistance, we have focused on the stories of four individuals as they lived under foreign occupation, working towards the goal of liberation. Their lives, actions and outcomes define a signifigant part in the fight against the Third Reich.