Lucie Aubrac after the war

“You two are going to go far. You’ll see, someday she’ll be a deputy in the National Assembly. She sure has guts.’” -Raymond on Lucie's legacy. (Aubrac 43)


After the war, she became a member of the Second World War Historical Committee, and later returned to her job teaching as a professor, retiring in 1966, but continued to be a lifelong fighter of fascist and racist policies until her death in 2007.

Lucie had never sought out fame or recognition for her efforts. After the war, the country, suffering very much, had understandably wanted to move towards normalcy as they had healed as a nation. Because there were many who had sympathized with the Vichy government, the idea of identifying who played a role in collaborating with the Nazis as opposed to those who were staunchly against them, was a very tender topic. However, it is clear that through her efforts, Lucie Aubrac was dedicated to the French cause, and was a true patriot.