What she did as a resister

What Sullerot did as a resister: 

“I did liason; transporting packages to addresses I was given. I was asked to hide arms and supplies in our apartment. No one would suspect a place where a young girl was in charge of two younger children. My teenaged dresser was filled with grenades and plastic explosives. I was afraid only once, no, twice. Once because a package had fallen to the ground and there were Germans in the street. It contained grenades but fortunately the pins hadn’t been taken out….Another time I was carrying plastic explosives in the Metro. Plastic explosives were used to blow up bridges and train tracks. It smelled like cheese. Now at that time, everyone was involved in black market dealings. It was the only way to get enough to eat. There was a special police force  to combat the black market. They often arrested traffickers in the Metro. There were no more cars or buses; only the Metro and not regular at that). Consequently the Metro was always jammed with people. It was the only way to transport things. The problem  was that from time to time a train was stopped and these police seized all the food) Since I was carrying plastic explosives which smelled like cheese I was very frightened. But they got tired of searching before they got to me. I never had my bags or packages searched. I don’t know what would have happened to me” (Sullerot 17).

“Once we hid an English aviator a forester found hanging by his parachute from a tree. He was sent to peasants in the village nearby but we had to see him from time to time and serve as interpreters. He didn’t know a word of French. My father would bring people we hid, like a Polish Jewish doctor who spent two years with us. He spoke French with a pronounced Polish accent so we couldn’t let anyone hear him speak” (Sullerot 19).