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Course Collaborations and Projects

Course Collaborations and Student Projects

History Capstone Project (HST 522): Suffolk History student Clare McDermet used the Knightlab Timeline Tool to complete a research project focused on, "American and Soviet Involvement in the Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1992)"

Narrating the Past with Digital History (HST 241): Students conducted hands-on research in the Moakley Archive and created vivid Esri StoryMap presentations that shared new aspects of Suffolk University history.

Research Methods in Communications (CJN 321):  Students visited the Archives, used portions of the Harry Dow and Suffolk University Records collections, and created scripts and proposals for documentary films. 2018 projects; 2017 projects

Gateway to the Past: The Historian’s Practice (HST 200): Students used primary sources as readings, for course assignments and exercises to support an exploration of history as an academic discipline and profession. Students examined course catalogs to understand changes in the history curriculum over time, created digital exhibits using primary sources (Boston Massacre exhibit), wrote a document analysis essay, using maps to study Boston’s busing crisis, and learning how to conduct oral history interviews.(course overview and exercises)

History of Boston (HST 383): Students designed digital exhibits featuring oral history interviews with former Mayor Raymond Flynn and Congressman Stephen Lynch using the Archive's online content platform, Omeka.