Napoléon Buonaparte: Le Grand Homme

     This exhibit explores how art was used to affect public perception of Napoleon Bonaparte throughout Europe both during and after his rule. Through his own commissioned depictions as a heroic and charitable leader, cartoonist's satirical political cartoons, and post-Napoleonic historical paintings we see many sides of this French emperor. Napoleon affected the course of art history in Europe through being an inspiration to artists of all mediums and alliances to create and evolve their craft. With this analysis we intend to see how European artists preserved Napoleon's legacy to either glorify or demonize the emperor. 



This exhibit was created by Robert Ascolillo, Dylan McDaniel, Andrew Andrade and Joe Toscano- McDonald for Professor Patricia Reeves' class, Gateway to the Past: The Historian's Practice (HST 200), Fall 2015, Suffolk University.