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Boston 2024

Mayor Raymond L. Flynn running in 1985 Boston Marathon Kathy Flynn congratulating 1985 Boston Marathon winner Lisa Larsen Weidenbach with Governor Michael Dukakis and unidentified men

The Olympics are an opportunity for cities to show off their city to the rest of the world and welcome in the best athletes on earth. Boston has not had the chance yet, but currently have the American bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. There are a lot of opposing views, however, pointing out the potential of an economic disaster that was seen in Montreal in 1976 or in Athens in 2004. One supporter of the Olympics coming to Boston is former Mayor Raymond Flynn who likes to point out how nice the Olympics looked there in 2000 saying how Boston could duplicate it.

“That is the strength of Boston, letting the world see what we already know. There’s the visual of television, looking out at the Boson Harbor and its unique immigrant population.”

Already in the pre-planning stage, organizers say it will cost $4.5 billion not including the much needed infrastructure improvement, especially the MBTA. But “as long as there’s proper planning and the businesses weigh in,” it could be possible. “It’s got to be done professionally,” said Flynn. 

Flynn is one who believes the inevitable costs is something that will have to be dealt with, but not more important than showing what Boston has to offer to the rest of the world.

“We’d see all that [Olympic] tradition right here which we’ve already experienced in Boston, at our colleges and universities. It’s all right here, waiting for the world to see it.”