2024 Olympics

Congressman Stephen F. Lynch

How do you think the Olympics can fit into South Boston?


Congressman Lynch likes the idea of having the 2024 Summer Olympics in Boston. He said that he has a concern with one of the four pre-identified construction sites on the Waterfront. The only site he did not agree on was the temporary stadium in Widett Circle because he feels that the meat factory workers there would be displaced. He feels that a 60,000 seat stadium cannot be temporary. He does approve however of the other Olympics connected projects which include the 10,000 unit Athletes Village at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He said it would be a great idea because then the village will pass to the students of the University after the Olympics creating much needed housing. The other sites he agrees on is the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center housing events and utilizing Boston Harbor for sailing and other marine events. 


On the picture


South Boston Waterfront is were the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is located.

Midtown is the place for the 60,000 stadium (Widett Circle).

UMass Boston is were the 10,000 Atheles Village wil be located.

Waterfront Pavillion is the location for the several ports for sailing races.


Picture source: https://nbcolympictalk.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/waterfront.png