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This site showcases original exhibits, oral histories, and other digital projects created by students at Suffolk University as part of course collaborations with the Moakley Archive & Institute. The exhibits make use of primary sources held at the Moakley Archive and elsewhere, and include original narrative and other content created by students.

If you are a Suffolk faculty member interested in offering your students the opportunity to create digital exhibits and other projects using this digital platform, please contact the Moakley Archive at archives[at]suffolk.edu.

Thousands of digitized primary source documents, photographs, interviews, and other items from the Moakley Archive are also available to view, search and browse at our Digital Collections site. This site also includes resources for educators and curated exhibits.

Copyright note

The content included on this site has been curated by students and paired with original narrative or contextual content as part of of non-profit, educational class projects. Some content may be protected by copyright, and inclusion here is considered by collaborators to be fair use. Copyright holders may send questions or take-down requests to archives[at]suffolk.edu.